Staff from International Newcastle have been appointed to lead on the Newcastles of the World initiative, a network of Newcastles from around the world.

The aim of the Newcastles alliance is to foster friendship and collaboration, and to share and enjoy each others’ heritage and culture.  Each gathering has taken a discussion theme to ensure practical, usable outcomes, also involving our young people.

Zélie Guérin (associate of International Newcastle) and Mo Lovatt have been appointed as project managers to take forward the programme of activity agreed by the Mayors at last year’s conference in the Czech Republic. They will be supported by Simon Underwood (associate) and David Faulkner will stay responsible for the overall programme delivery and its reporting to the mayors.

Zelie Guerin

Zélie has been an Associate with International Newcastle since 2013. She is fluent in French and German, and ran the Regional Language Network between 2002 and 2011 for development agency One NorthEast.  Before that she was at Newcastle City Council as International Relations Adviser, and earlier as Senior Careers Adviser responsible for Education/Industry links. She was a member of the Newcastles of the World “welcome” team for the 2012 Conference.


Mo has wide experience as an international arts & culture programmer and project manager, significantly as coordinator of the collaboration between the North East of England and the Eastern Cape of South Africa (“The Swallows Partnership”). She was Manager for the 2013 Festival of the North East, a month-long celebration of innovation and creativity and in the previous year was project manager for the 2012 Newcastles of the World conference. Mo is also a writer.

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